Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Itsy, Bitsy, Teenie, Weenie, Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini

Yesterday, I was brave. Alone in my room, I put on some small fragments of clothing, otherwise know as bikinis. I never really consider sporting a two piece, but my friend had some beautiful Victoria's Secret suits she decided she would never wear and passed them onto me. I have nothing against bikinis. I think they're sexy and fun and I've seen women of all shapes and sizes rock that shit. When picking out clothing, I have one rule of thumb...I must feel beautiful in it. I tried on the first, the second and then the third bikini. I learned Victoria's secret is she doesn't make a bikini top to accommodate DD's. I was lucky the large (my normal size for tops) covered my nipple. After putting on these sexy threads, literally laughing out loud and feeling like a pudge-ball, I did what any reasonable woman would do. I took the last one off and admired my body in it's most natural form; nekkid. I noticed I am an hour glass. I'm not perky, but still voluptuous. I'm not flat, but curvaceous. When I tried to squeeze each piece in its little package, I felt fat and unattractive. When I allowed it to just be, I looked natural and lovely. Maybe that is the bigger lesson. In all aspects of life, when we try to force ourselves into something that doesn't fit, we don't feel good. Best to be our most authentic self and see the true beauty that lies within.

"Beauty on the outside is lovely. Beauty on the inside is love."
-Rochelle Qualkenbush

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